Autumn in Tenterfield

Come up & See the Colour

The Tenterfield region is the place to visit this autumn. Marvel at tree lined streets of blazing colour as you explore this natural and historic wonderland.

During autumn, the town comes alive with colour. The many parks and gardens in the area, including Tenterfield Creek, are full of hundreds of autumn trees, looking magnificent in hues ranging from gold to scarlet. The fallen leaves form magic carpets – some are rich red Claret Ash and Pine Oak gold. Others are orange, dappled by sunlight. Blue autumn skies and crisp autumn days ensure you can enjoy a full day of exploring, then come home to relax in front of a log fire with a glass of local wine.

Escape to Tenterfield this autumn to enjoy crisp clear days, roaring log fires, spectacular sunsets and great food and wine.

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