Bald Rock National Park

260 metres above the surrounding bushland, Bald Rock is a massive granite dome 750 metres long and 500 metres wide, the largest exposed granite rock in the Southern Hemisphere. At close to 1300 metres above sea level, it feels like a remote ‘top of the world’ experience from the summit. Collections of granite archways, scattered boulders, ravines roping their way through the terrain and a pile of enormous smooth granite stones balancing strangely across each other, all await your exploration.

A gentle 2.5km climb to the summit exists, or you can challenge yourself with with a short, but very steep climb up the face of the rock.

Bald Rock picnic area has gas barbecues and picnic tables where you can while away the hours. And as it’s the only established picnic area in Bald Rock National Park, with plenty of shaded spots to escape the heat, it’s a popular place to visit in summer.

A National Parks Pass is required when visiting the park, and can be picked up from the NSW Parks office, or at the park itself.

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