Summer in Tenterfield

Summer Photo by Reichlyn Photography

Tenterfield in Summer brings the best of both worlds. Visitors can enjoy sunshine and blue summer skies, while experiencing mild alpine temperatures and escaping the Australian heat.

Tenterfield is located in a valley of the Great Dividing Range and sits 850 metres above sea level. Its unique location produces pleasant summers where the weather is warm, but rarely hot and humid. The average summer high is around 27 degrees Celcius, which makes for perfect weather to explore the natural wonders of the surrounding National Parks and the cooling waters of the many waterholes, creeks and falls.

The sheltered National Parks provide walking, cycling and hiking trails, creeks and rockpools to explore, and plenty of secluded waterholes to cool off in. The clear skies make for spectacular views at the many lookout points, and a summer afternoon has never looked so sweet from the top of Mount Mackenzie.

Enjoy alfresco dining at one of the many cafés and restaurants throughout the shire, or visit one of the winery cellar doors for a refreshing summer wine and sample of local produce.

Summer has never been more perfect!

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December: 13.0 to 26.6ºC

January: 14.4 to 27.2ºC

February: 14.4 to 26.1ºC

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